Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Merloquet Falls

When mother nature is left unadulterated by human inventions detrimental to the upkeep of natural habitat, we are shown such places full of splendor and awe for the Creator's magnificent works. Managing what we are given freely by nature is one task that must be inculcated to all generations lest we lose a beholden beauty before us. We are so lucky to be endowed with such natural resorts. I have seen many such places from my travels that has been destroyed by the inhabitant of the earth who was given authority over all creation not to destroy but to propagate and protect it.

Zamboanga City: Asia’s Latin City, blessed with historic and cultural attractions like Fort Pilar, the museum, Mt. Pulong Bato, pink sand beach, beautiful parks and hidden falls—one of which is Merloquet Falls.

Merloquet Falls, Brgy. Sibulao, Zamboanga City
One such beauty is the Merloquet Falls, a place I have come back to after eight years, still intrigued and mesmerized by the beautiful sweeping falls rendering the sweetest music of water cascading down and kissing the rocks beneath her. Located around 2 hours (78km east) from the city center, in the interiors of Barangay Sibulao, Zamboanga City’s well known tourist destination and dubbed as one of Mindanao’s popular waterfalls—Merloquet Falls is yours to explore and be part of the peaceful bliss. And enticing to be tickled by the mossy ferns, slippery stones, brushing your bare feet with soft touch grasses. It was as if Mother Nature pinned a white curtain over a luxurious forest wall.

369 concrete steps
I am much captivated by the environment as a whole, not only by the famous falls. Everything around the falls vicinity beckons the visitors to explore more and be as one with nature. Let me site the conquered moments I experienced this second time around. I could not but wonder that the people behind the promotion of this place must have been a nature lover. From the drop-off point, the 369-step concrete stairway paves the way the falls. Realizing maybe that the steep climb up would tire the guests, a line up concrete seats alongside the stairs beckons you to take your time, take a seat, enjoy the sceneries and continue to conquer the steps paving way to the falls that are pleasantly comforting; as the breeze from the swaying full grown trees provide fresh air and shade. Upon reaching the last step, the scenery of the falls give a breathtaking welcome and seems to commend you for the job well done. Cottages were made available by locals to provide visitors a place to eat and leave their baggages to savor the cool and inviting crystal clear water.

 So, what is so special about these falls? Well, Merloquet Falls is a two tiered waterfalls with the upper level located around 50 meters from the main cascade. This upper tier is handmade by nature with an inclined rock face having five separate but low cascades. Fresh water stream into a shallow basin then flows downstream into the main waterfall forming a wide curtain. Both tiers are connected with a rather difficult trail, located at the leftside, with a thick rope for support. The main cascade is wonderful; varieties of rock-face gave Merloquet Falls its majestic beauty: at the left was a higher fall then a flat rock platform, the right side is another rock form that gives it volume.

Getting upstage, slippers are to be taken off as a precautionary measure of your safety since you adapt with what nature has to offer the visitors. The side of the falls was slippery, most of the rock surface were carpeted with a layer of furry moss. Looking through the veil of water, droplets left rainbows dancing in the distance—as if the rainbows are within your reach. Sit back against the falls and get a natural massage—nothing but pure bliss. Like “Malakas at Maganda” (Adam and Eve), the flow on the left falls was quite strong and hard (like a man’s strength) while the one on the right was gently flowing downstream (like a woman’s grace). 

I was quite amused that during our trip to Merloquet Falls, almost all of the attendees were first-time visitors. After 8 years, I am back in Barangay Sibulao not because it is a mandate but because if the magnetizing attraction it offers the guests as well as coming out energized, refreshed and destressed of life's trial. Luckily, the local government is now developing the area as an eco-tourism attraction. Concrete roads were paved for easy access for vehicles, and a concrete stairway was designed for easy hiking up and down to the falls. Because of its isolation, the area remains primeval and there are a lot of strategic vantage points for photography. It’s good to note that people are not allowed to eat or drink at the waterfalls. If you do stop by, be sure to bring trash bags with you and leave the place as beautiful as you found it. Merloquet Falls is being featured in one of Zamboanga City’s local TV channel “VEZ TV: DI ATON ESTE”. Because of this, more and more locals are becoming aware of its existence. This is good news for promoting ecotourism and a great challenge for the local government. People will soon find out about Merloquet Falls and getting there was made easy. However, this would also impose threat in the pristine environment of the falls. People might destroy the beauty of the place if they are not disciplined and determined to keep the environment clean and lead the way for its upkeep.

Tree Planting and Clean-Up Activity

Thus, the nature shall leave us a passing note- enjoy its beauty and captivation for the future generations. The change should come from us, being accountable for our actions either in light of protecting this site or adding this place to the destroyed natural habitat. The choice is yours-be a responsible gatekeepers of God's works and masterpiece!

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

from my heart to yours

It's been a roller coaster ride for year 2014.
But I thank the good Lord for helping me end it right.
I'd like to dedicate this blog to a young man; one who showed me
and gave me genuine love that God graced him with.

Perry Glenn Duran Yu

As you go along, reading...
I'd like to share a quotes from my favorite books

“Love creates bridges where it would seem they were impossible.” 
― Paulo CoelhoLike the Flowing River

Glenn, you must have read all my words from the love letters I made you; some may have been used over and over again, but I want you to know that those were heartfelt. Every time I compose "sweet texts", poems, I am thinking fondly of you. I want you to know that you are my best year-ender and my perfect year-starter. You are my conscience, my pride, my bestfriend and my man. You are my answered prayer and my wish come true. 

Babe, I cannot thank you enough for your efforts; for staying up late to compensate our busy schedules, for fetching me at work, for surprise dates and wonderful surprises. You gave me more than you could. My love, you have woken the soul in me that longed for a love like this. You are graced with His love and I am thankful that you are sharing it with me. Thank you sharing your friends and family and for loving mine as well.

Glenn, every effort, every struggles you went through just so you could see me smile is incomparable and forgive me when I frown. You are more than enough, baby, and I am sorry if I make you feel sad by pouting my lips when all you wanted was to see a sweet smile. Forgive me for my childish behaviors and my impossible demands.

“In the blink of an eye, something happens by chance
 - when you least expect it - sets you on a course that you never planned,
 into a future you never imagined.” 
― Nicholas SparksThe Lucky One

As of this moment, our mobile phones are on silent mode, not wanting to send something we might regret but wanting to make each other feel that we long for a moment where only the two of us matter--no one else, just you and I. Sweetie, I know your heart felt a little remorse but I want you to feel at peace; for I am to be blamed and not you. I love you and I appreciate every bit of you. I am sorry for causing you pain in any way. Forgive me for my mistakes, babe.

“I've never been as happy as I am now, because I followed the signs, I was patient, and I know that this is going to change everything.” 
―  Paulo CoelhoAleph

You gave me wonderful months and I hope you'd give me a lifetime of joy and happiness. I will strive to be better for you and I thank you for your patience, Sweetie. Bear with me if I lose myself with desires that are not in accordance to the situation... hold my hand when I become stubborn and catch me every time I fall. Please, Stay. I love you. 

“I love you present tense.” 
― John GreenThe Fault in Our Stars

I won't lose you; I will keep you safe in my heart... safe in my prayers. Glenn, you make me feel everything. And I will love you forever and always. Let me be yours and allow me to show you how much I love loving you. You are incomparable and your are one of a kind. I would never want anybody else for I am blessed to have you as my love. 

Thank you for everything. Thank you for the magic. Thank you for being mine. 

I love you,

Perry Glenn Duran Yu

Saturday, August 23, 2014


I watched a movie, which cost me a ticket worth ONE HUNDRED TWENTY PESOS, 
and this is how it looked like inside the movie house.

MINDPRO CINEMA, Zamboanga City

I asked a friend in Davao City as to the price of watching the same movie and he said it's
ONE HUNDRED THIRTY PESOS (a difference of 10pesos)
and the movie house looked (as per Google Images Results) like this:


See the result of the TEN PESO difference?



I won't mind if the price for a ticket would cost me 120 pesos; but they should give us what we deserve.


Just because your Cinema is the only one that's featuring the "great films" in this city; it does not mean that you can treat the public like mindless creatures. People may tolerate this kind of injustice but not for long. I hope the City is indeed monitoring its progress and I hope the "soon-to-open" malls will give this existing movie house a LESSON they deserve.

random thoughts to ponder - xtelledee

Monday, February 3, 2014

breaking silence

It has been more than a week now since the breakup and a lot of concerned friends ask "What happened?" I replied to only a few just for the sake of letting them hear a bit of my side of the story.

Last December, I went to his city because I miss being with him. I saved a part of my Christmas Bonus for fare and lodging. I really wanted to see him. He works at a call center company and he was on night duty during my stay. Since, he had to sleep in the morning, we had the whole afternoon to spend time. I only had three days to be with him. The first few days were spent window shopping and food tripping. Then, on my last night, he slept earlier than I did. I had the instinct to check on his FB account ( I know it was invasion of privacy but I just have to...) I read something and all I can do was to cry my heart out. He woke up asking what happened and I gave him the iPod showing the messages he sent to a certain co-worker. I told him to call the relationship off... I cannot believe he was cheating on me. I can still feel the pain... and I hate it.

We did not end the relationship...he begged for a second chance...

I bought him a ticket because he said he wanted to be home and meet his family. It was the best Christmas gift I could think of. He went home on a Saturday and had his trip back the day after. Upon arriving Davao, he told me that he's going to be a bit busy because he had to do laundry and other stuffs. I told him to get enough rest. Three days after, I saw a picture of him (at work) with a woman.... it broke my heart. To make it worse, it was with the co-worker as mentioned earlier. The comments were really slutty in a way and it really made me angry. I reviewed the woman's profile and found out an even more interesting picture... she was wearing a brassiere and shorts (since it didn't look like a nice pair of bikini) and his arms were wrapped around her waist. F*CK was all I could say. The photo was taken on the day of his arrival in Davao... it was at the time when he told me that he was busy doing laundry and went to sleep unknowingly. 

The boat is sinking... photos kept on appearing on his page and my heart is torn into bits of pieces. 

He told me I was overacting... he told me to be matured and just trust that he loves just me... how can I? 

I had a cold Christmas with him and I welcomed his new year with a breakup. I cannot take the bullshits anymore, the woman was really provoking and I hate the way he handled the situation. I broke up with him. 
He hated it... and so, we tried to patch things up...and the breakup did not last for long... we were back... 

In short, the relationship was on and off.

January 16. Death. I lost my a very good friend... he was more of a family to me. He met an accident, ended up brain-dead, died of cardiac arrest. I stayed with him until he was cold... I can never forget that day... I miss him every day... his death brought us all back together... I was lost and I felt alone... I lost Ryan. 

I told my boyfriend about the accident and even about Ryan's death... I was really hoping he would be there to give me strength and make me feel "OK". I did not go to work, I was online updating my bestfriend and Ryan's relatives in Cebu... I was busy watching over Ryan and asking the Lord for a miracle... and I suddenly saw his name pop in my Inbox. the message reads "you don't love me anymore...and if you do, you don't love me like you did before..."  ARE YOU SERIOUS??? I was at the hospital crying my heart out because my friend is dying and this is what I get from my boyfriend???


The whole week I tried to cheer him up and take away the doubts he felt inside... But the sadness of losing Ryan is getting stronger and I needed friends and loved ones around me. I need happiness and all he gave me was stress... I admit, I did not give enough time for him, however, i can clearly justify that I needed my personal space at that time. Well, the night before Ryan's burial, I went out for a fun night. We had this crazy thought that if we get drunk, maybe, we won't cause too much drama on the final day. And so we did. I had a deal with my man that I will update him of my whatevers... and I failed him... because I wanted to have fun... because I wanted my own time.. because I want to. 

The next day, he told me that we are done. 

I explained why I did not update him... my battery was empty...and I said sorry for not doing my part of the deal...I said sorry for not giving him enough time and attention. He called me a worthless woman... It was sad... really sad. The words he used were really not that nice...and all I can think of was December. 

I know it is never right to compare flaws... but, do I not deserve forgiveness? Is it too hard to forgive someone who admittedly says sorry for her mistakes? 

December. He cheated on me not just once... and I had the heart to forgive him... I forgot to balance my time and attention; I did not know how to deal with death... I was hoping he would understand... but he did not...he cannot... 

It hurts a lot whenever I read his posts telling people that I did not care for our relationship... If only I could tell him "look who's talking?"  I wonder if he forgot about December... 

I don't know if I am making my side a bit clear here... but to sum it all up, I was wrong to not give him enough attention and time...and for breaking the deal... but it was never my intention to take for granted what we had... I wanted him back... but he doesn't want me...

He cheated on me... he lied... not just once... and I lost my sense of time because of death...

Let me know if I do not deserve that chance... let me know. 

Monday, November 18, 2013

A response to “An Open Letter to CNN”

A response to “An Open Letter to CNN”

i don’t agree with your points… see, all those highlighted views of yours are still rooted in our government system, the country being an “archipelago” is not an excuse for gov’t to sloth around and get angry whenever they are being criticized. the comment of that CNN anchor is but an eye-opener that our gov’t officials; yes, the gov’t response team of tacloban had been wiped out, but why??? the news of yolanda’s coming was announced weeks or days ahead; the gov’t should have taken rapid moves in saving the cities and should have made enough plans to keep their people safe… as they say, prevention is better than cure; had the government put on their shoes while the roads were still “accessible” to bring enough supplies to these people BEFORE they are hit by the storm, these people would have survived…had the government put MUCH EFFORT in taking people to protected shelters (those that are really safe like SAFE) a lot would have survived…had the government fully loaded hospitals or evacuation centers with medical supplies BEFORE yolanda hits land, people would have been treated well…. i see why foreigners gave those criticisms… it is because they know actions could have been done to avoid these problems… but no, the government of the Philippines is already in that habit of taking action AFTER the storm comes…back in ZAMBOANGA, they only acted AFTER the war… they could have prevented it from happening had they been alert… but no..the government is so busy..with what? our country will never learn how to be dependent..sad to say but we do deserve being called as JUAN TAMAD…because we never learn…it’s been how many years now and we are still a third world country… so there’s no reason to be proud… yes, the truth hurts.. i am hurt with what’s being said about my country but it was all true… i have to admit it was all true… there’s a lot more to say… but to sum this all up, our government is a hopeless case… all we can do is survive… and that filipino spirit of surviving is what makes us awesome in the eyes of these foreign people.. yes we should be proud…but the gov’t ought to be ashamed… they have stained the respect, trust, and hope of their people…. ask a filipino, “do you want to live in the US?” or “what country would you choose to live if you are given the chance to?” im sure, you will hear if none, but a few would choose this country…

And just recently, a news came out wherein a city (that is located on the shoreline) survived the Yolanda attack and only one person died. they were able to do so because the evacuated the area two days prior the storm is announced to hit land. if the government had the same initiative, a lot would have survived. 

this is sad and irritating as well... when will we ever learn?